For over twenty years, I have been capturing the history of Missouri and France other notable sites in America in extremely detailed pen, ink, and watercolor. Over 400 drawings make up numerous collections of my work: See "The College Art Collection" and "The Provence Collection" and “The NFL Stadium Collection” currently offered here on my website.

I am the recipient of numerous awards for Best of Show and Best of Medium, and I continue to push the boundaries of my work while attempting a full mastery of my medium.

My work hangs in hundreds of private collections as well as national and international public places such as the Kremlin, the Vatican, and the F.B.I. Headquarters and The Pentagon. Public figures who own my work includes Prince Andrew Duke of York, Oprah Winfrey, Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, State Governors, Representatives and U.S. Senators.

Working from photography or on site for reference, my graphic images are developed utilizing my artistic talent and skills as an illustrator. My images are created in pen and ink with watercolor to arrive at my completed drawing. I then manipulate that work using my skills as a digital artist and print maker.

During this phase of the process I scan my water colored work and then digitally color correct, resize, crop, combine multiple images and in some cases introduce other graphic images and elements. The end result is a digital file of my initial pen, ink and watercolor drawing, created by me, ready for digital print production. The original pen and ink drawings are merely a tool in my artistic process and are not generally for sale.