Jewelry Care


It is key to take proper care of your jewelry pieces from AM to PM. Remember to:

Jewelry should be the last thing you put on after your morning routine. Apply make-up, perfumes, and deodorant first so they do not affect your jewelry. As well, put your clothes on first so they do not catch on your jewelry.

Once headed out of the house, avoid exposing your jewelry to direct sunlight! Just as the sun’s rays can harm our skin, they can also damage our jewels- especially your gemstones!

Vermeil and gold pieces should be kept in a dark and cool place. In order to prevent any oxidization, your silver jewelry should be kept in an airtight box.


All of our jewelry pieces are long-lasting and of high quality. Avoid consistent contact with water with our sterling silver, gold plated, and vermeil items as they are water resistant, but not waterproof. Therefore, we do recommend to remove when showering and exercising.If you are searching for a piece that you may wear at all times, we recommend opting for our 10k or 14k solid gold pieces.

Over time, factors may cause your jewelry to lose their shine, if not properly taken care of. Rather than allowing your jewels to simply sit in your jewelry box, never to be worn, there are many ways to polish your collections on your own. Discover how to take care of your jewelry with these easy at-home tips! Keep your jewelry as beautiful and glimmering as the day you purchased it.

The following steps work for silver, gold, vermeil, gold-plated and rose-gold plated pieces.

STEP 1: Preparations

Lay out the needed tools beforehand.
You will need : a bowl, a soft-bristled brush, mild detergent-free soap, a lint-free (soft microfiber cloth)

STEP 2 : Soap Water

  • Wipe each piece of jewelry between your soft cloth, to restore its natural shine.
  • Then, mix a few drops of the mild detergent-free soap with warm water in a bowl.

STEP 3 : Soak and Brush

Soak your jewelry (one piece at a time) and then dip a light soft-bristled brush into the water mixture and gently scrub your jewelry. This will help to give each piece a thorough cleaning.

STEP 4: Rinse and Dry

Rinse each piece carefully. After rinsing, lightly dry the jewelry pieces by gently patting with your cloth.

Ring Care

It is recommended when cleaning your rings to follow the above steps, although to leave the rings soaking in the soap-water bowl overnight before scrubbing with your soft-bristled brush. To keep your rings extra shiny, we recommend cleaning your rings every few weeks.

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